QUEENs Non-Stick Muffin Pan 6 Holes

Easy to Clean

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Queens Non-Stick Muffin Pan 6 Holes

Easy to Clean



Non-stick bakware can produce chef-quality results if you make the time and effort to use & care for it properly

For best results when baking, lightly grease before use

After use wash in warm soapy water using a soft cloth, sponge brush or plastic mesh pad

Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaners

It is important to dry thoroughly before storing

Nylon, wooden or rubber utensils are recommended as metal utensils may damage the surface

Use a table knife or small spatula, not a sharp knife, to cut the food in the pan

Shake pan gently before turning upside down to remove food

Do not use in oven temperatures in excess of 240 degrees

Not suitable for use over direct heat or fire top