Robomop Floor Duster Machine 2018 2ND GEN

*Suits all types of smooth floor surfaces
*Perfect for in-between cleaning and pre-wash
*Easy to operate
*Requires no supervision - simply leave the mop on the floor and watch it bounce automatically off obstacles such as carpets

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*Reaches areas under the beds, sofas and cupboards

*Efficient cleaning - removes light stains and reduces the dust level

*Soft frame design results in gentle impacts on furniture

*Requires low voltage to operate efficiently

*At a mere 8.5cm, the mop is able to reach areas where you would have difficulties to clean yourself, such as under sofas, beds and cupboards

*Covers 60m2 with 98% accuracy in 1 hour

*Electrostatic pads: The RoboMop dust pads is designed to generate electrostatic power. This is generated through friction between the floor surface and the paper and it improves the ability to attract dust

*Nonwoven pads: The pads contains many small pockets that allow it to absorb more and retain the dust more efficiently than normal paper