TOSHIBA Air-Con 1.0HP - s10000BTU

*Eco features save energy
*Swivel and fixed wing air reversal
*High power
*5 fan speed & automatic mode

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Sterilization system, PROTECT YOUR HEALTH

Toshiba IAQ filter

Toshiba IAQ technology contains two agents Leuconostoc enzyme silver & crystal capable of preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses to help the air is always fresh and clean.

• The agent can Leuconostoc antiviral avian flu (H5N1)

Bacterial and viral

• Antibacterial: destroy to 99.9% (*) bacteria.

• Ability deodorant: absorbs and decomposes smoke, ammonia, volatile organic tart, food smells and other odors.

• Prevents the formation of mold: inhibits the formation of mold.

• Antiviral: avian influenza virus (H5N1). (**)

• Improves the fresh air by reducing the number of bacteria and viruses. However, no guarantee sterile room environment or protect against infection after KHL Lal use filters.


- High performance filter is responsible for filtering dust clean room space and fresh Bul.

- Easy sanitation

Washable filters keep the air flow threads clean and cool

- Self-cleaning function

This function is designed to reduce the humidity is the cause of the mold inside the air conditioner. After KHL shutdown, internal fans will be automatically activated to dry completely inside the cooler to help reduce humidity is the cause of the mold keep healthy environment in a natural way.



 Horsepower                1.0

Model                          HSHP-DYI-RAS-H10S3KS

Size (L x W x H)          19.5 x 74 x 27.5

Weight                         30KG

Warranty period            1 Year

Warranty type               Local Manufacturer Warranty

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