Tekkashop DJ300 office chair with backrest and armrest [Black]

Height Adjustable Swivel Office Chair, Product made in Malaysia. Genuine Last Longer Material

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If you've been putting up with a cheap, ordinary, or just plain uncomfortable chair, it's time for an upgrade. This chair is constructed with a black mesh for superior comfort which conforms to your back and spinal column, giving you the energy and proper support to power through the day

Budget A-Grade Chair is suitable for visitor, meeting and all commercial use, and home use 

• Superior metal material makes it durable and reliable for long-lasting use
• The reasonable price is suitable for each clever shopper who focuses on quality and price

Design and finishing
• Color: Blue as default, otherwise, please specify at checkout
• Cushion material: Fabric
• Frame Material: Chrome base 

Product dimensions
• Long: 63.5 cm
• Width: 62.0 cm
• Height: 108.5 cm

Production and Delivery lead time
• Usual is 3-5 working days, might require more than 10 working days during peak season